Cultural Daily: Winter 2022

Cultural Daily: Summer 2018
“Elegy for the Orange”
“I Never Wanted”
“An Altar for My Father”

Quill and Parchment: April 2018-Vol 202 
Featured Poet
“The Train Ride with Billy Collins”
“I have Already”
“Unable to Speak”

Los Angeles Poet Society 2017
Featured Poet
“The Ride There”
“We Are Not Alone”
“Fire In the House”

Quill and Parchment-December 2017-Vol 198
“My Father’s Guayabera Shirts”

Incandescent Mind Journal: Selfish Work: Issue Three  
Sadie Girl Press, 2017
“Continents Away”

 Dryland Underground Art & Writing: Issue 7
Con Los Fondos De Tu Mama Press, 2017
“When We Cross”
“June 1986”
“I Too Read Faulkner”

Entropy, 2017
“Waiting for Crows”

Incandescent Mind Journal: Issue One
Sadie Girl Press, 2016

The Coiled Serpent Anthology: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles
Tia Chucha Press, 2016

Spectrum Anthology: An Anthology of Southern California Poets, 2015
“Carnival Moon”

Wide Awake Anthology: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond
Pacific Coat Poetry Series, 2015
“Apá’s Eden”
Love Letter to Octavio”
“Thirteenth Child”

Orangelandia Anthology: The Literature of Inland Citrus
Inlandia Institute, 2014
“Each Night”
“An Orange Planet”

The Acentos Review 2013
“An Orange Planet”
“Verses for Lorena”
“How Sadness Spreads”

Frying Pan News 2013
“Each Fall”

 A Cobalt Poets Series-Broadside # 264
Poetry Super Highway 2011
“Thirteenth Child”

Strange Cargo: An Emerging Voices Anthology 1997-2010
Pen Center USA, 2010
“Cotton Candy”
“An Honest Living”

Splinter Generation Literary Journal 2010
“Shooting Ladybugs”

Newer Poets XV Reading
The Aloud Series at the Los Angeles Central Library 2010

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