Featured Poet 
Los Angeles Poet Society, 2017
The Ride There
We Are Not Alone
Fire In the House

Quail and Parchment-December 2017-Vol 198
My Father’s Guayabera Shirts

Incandescent Mind Journal: Selfish Work: Issue Three  
Sadie Girl Press, 2017
Continents Away

 Dryland  Underground Art & Writing: Issue 7
Con Los Fondos De Tu Mama Press, 2017
When We Cross
June 1986
I Too Read Faulkner

Entropy, 2017
“Waiting for Crows”

Incandescent Mind Journal: Issue One
Sadie Girl Press, 2016

The Coiled Serpent Anthology: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles
Tia Chucha Press, 2016

Spectrum Anthology: An Anthology of Southern California Poets, 2015
“Carnival Moon”

Wide Awake Anthology: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond
Pacicifc Coat Poetry Series, 2015
“Apá’s Eden”
Love Letter to Octavio”
“Thirteenth Child”

Orangelandia Anthology: The Literature of Inland Citrus
Inlandia Institute, 2014
“Each Night”
“An Orange Planet”

The Acentos Review 2013
“An Orange Planet”
“Verses for Lorena”
“How Sadness Spreads”

Strange Cargo: An Emerging Voices Anthology 1997-2010
Pen Center USA, 2010
“Cotton Candy”
“An Honest Living”

Splinter Generation Literary Journal 2010
“Shooting Ladybugs”

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